Comparatively, Dianabol is said to be one of the easiest anabolic steroids to understand. Put simply, Dianabol is an anabolic steroid primarily developed for performance enhancement of athletes and bodybuilders.

Dianabol can be taken orally as tablets, which remain as the primary and more popular form, or delivered through muscle by injection. Most Dbol tablets are commonly produced in 5mg and 10mg, though capsules in 25-50mg are also available.

Doses will depend largely on preference; though results are already present in as little dosage as 15mg per day, others are only satisfied at higher doses. Higher dosages increase the chances of the user possibly experiencing negative side effects and should only be tried by experienced steroid users.

Dianabol may be stacked, or taken with other compounds, for improved results and less toll on ones’ health. An alternative to this is cycling, which is setting a schedule when the user would go on and off a steroid or alternate with other substances.

There are some things to note when deciding on your Dianabol cycle to ensure safety and success. Men and women’s bodies react differently to Dianabol and must adjust their calorie intake accordingly, with men needing at least 5,000 calories a day and about half for women.

It is also preferable to seek a professional’s opinion and to consult with a doctor to know what extra care you may need when planning to take steroids. It is also not recommended for Dianabol to be taken with another oral anabolic steroid as their combined hepatotoxic properties may promote liver damage.

Cycles vary among different users, depending on experience or preference. New users usually take 10-30mg a day for 4-6 weeks.

Cycle length should be inversely proportional to dosage: the lower the dosage, the longer your cycle can be; and the higher the dosage, the shorter the cycle length. An example cycle would be taking 10mg per day for 12 weeks, 40mg for 8 weeks for intermediate users, and 50mg for 6 weeks for advanced users.

As some advanced users may choose to take dosages of up to 50, and a number of more extreme users taking 100mg a day (which is not recommended), their cycle length should not exceed six weeks. The breaks between cycles should be equal to or longer, particularly longer if the dosage taken is higher, than the cycle length.

Dianabol suppresses the natural testosterone production of the human body; as a solution, a user must incorporate a post cycle therapy after each cycle.