I’ve been taking XTEND for about a month now and I am already extremely pleased with what it’s been doing for me so far.

I have more energy, my body is more toned now, and it’s helped me to finally curb those pesky hunger pangs. I highly recommend it for anyone who wants a refreshing and effective workout drink!

scivation xtend bcaa bottle

I ordered the pink lemonade. The color of the powder really made it feel like less of a workout drink and more of a fun, refreshing cooler. It smelled fantastic too!

I tried it for the first time right before one of my morning runs. I was pleasantly surprised that it mixed very easily and didn’t leave behind any clumps, as what I’ve experienced with other powders.

It was quite delicious and very refreshing, such a nice change from the usual workout drinks I’ve tried.

I felt the extra boost of energy just a few minutes into running—I noticed I didn’t get tired easily and I was able to go a bit longer than I usually do.

Eventually I started taking it with me to my gym workouts and pretty soon, I’ve noticed my muscles felt less sore even after an intense session.

I make sure to get my measurements right when I’m mixing, as when I use the recommended amount of water on the package, it’s too sweet for my liking, so I dilute it.

On some days when I have a hankering for sweets, I mix my drink a little sweeter than usual, instead of munching on a chocolate bar, which has helped me greatly when dealing with sugar cravings.

It’s become my go-to drink now whenever I’m working out. I live a generally active lifestyle, and ever since I’ve been drinking XTEND, I’ve been feeling significantly less tired.

I’ve even noticed my arms and legs have become a lot more toned since the extra energy has allowed me to do more intense workouts.

Since I normally stick to small food portions, I used to feel low on energy a lot, but XTEND has definitely kept me strong and energized despite my calorie deficits.

I actually wish I had discovered XTEND sooner—within a month, it’s already helped me so much with my workout routines and fitness goals. I will definitely repurchase. I’m already thinking of trying the other flavors next time for a change in pace.